Duaspeak: babbling through the years (#alyxkelly25)

There’s this Violent Femmes song whose lyrics circle ’round this bit of text:

I built a machine; I took over the world.
(In one weekend)
I did it because I was looking for a project, and it was either take over the world or learn French.
So I took over the world, and next weekend, I can learn French.

Because this song exists and is stamped on my brain, I said to Kelly this week: “She’s obviously a take over the world or learn French person,” and she knew exactly what I meant.

This (largely unsingable) Violent Femmes video is brought to you by the Committee to have A&K be completely incomprehensible by the time they’re in the old folks home.


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2 Responses to Duaspeak: babbling through the years (#alyxkelly25)

  1. Though I’ve always wondered -why- people want to take over the world, from a personal p.o.v. Think of it.

    Endless reading and annotating reports.

    Meeting after meeting listening to ministers and bureaucrats droning on.

    Worrying about your guards and the guards on the guards and the inevitable heroic farmboy/seamstress/whatever who’s going to come slay the tyrant and liberate the world.

    Yeah, you can mentally choke people with the Force or throw them into the dragon pit, and you get to build a new CN tower (only cooler and in black) but is that enough compensation?