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I told @camillealexa that my necklaces disappeared in the move and so she gave me this birdie.Winter gear for a winter day, stylishly worn by @kellyoyoSnow-covered A for All Sortsa Things.Reflections in the @ROMToronto glass.Another bicycle versus snow shot, here in stormy #Toronto. There's more of the stuff falling even now.Shooting snow on the shiny surfaces of the @ROMToronto also nets a shot of me and @kellyoyo.
I am completely amazed by the folks who use bicycles year-round in my new home city of Toronto.I love amethyst geodes. They are sparkly, amethyst is my birthstone, and my grandmother Modestina had some--so they remind me of her.And this gorgeous slice of the @ROMtoronto just makes me long to see Sicilia's Palatine Chapel again.An arch I passed on my hasty way to the nature photos at the Royal Ontario Museum. @ROMToronto.Snowflakes on sandal. It's beginning to look a lot like winter!Gifties in the snow: a bird from my sister, petrified wood from one grandmother, small pots from the other grandma. #snowTO
This chocolate olive-oil cake is my favorite of the many wonderful treats on offer at @FornoCultura bakery on King Street West, #Toronto.Another variation on the holiday tree theme.Rumble adores @Kellyoyo most fluffily.A small slice of the goodness on offer at our favorite Italian bakery, @fornocultura.Shiny LED trees in a Toronto park. Still no snow.This is what happens when Rumble tries to stop me from doing the #Buffyrewatch.
I and @kellyoyo are also enchanted by our neighbor's collection of holiday chickens. We pass them each time we go to @downwarddogyoga!Frosty parties hard at night, collapses on the still-green grass come morning.Neighborhod squirrel flattens himself against a tree; I think it's a wind avoidance strategy.Dried leaf on Lake Ontario.Our first ever #Toronto snow day.Rumble on my coat.

Instagrams, a set on Flickr.

A lot of shots from the vicinity of the Royal Ontario Museum, a number of bikes parkedin the snow, and other captioned bits and pieces of life in Toronto. Enjoy!!

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