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I told @camillealexa that my necklaces disappeared in the move and so she gave me this birdie.Riverdale Farm rooster sees nothing to be excited about.Having some filter fun with a dripping icicle, here in #Toronto after the #icestorm.And this little fluffbundle is a wee baby lamb.Donkey! Really, what more is there to be said?Supermooodle!
My best cardinal capture to date! From @RiverdaleFarmAd in #torontoJust a few more icicles. I think these are less about the #icestorm and more about dripping drainpipes. #iceTOForage forage.Another of my shots from the #icestorm the other day. Leaves under water, in midair. #iceTOIt took a bit of clambering, but I made a snow-angel in our courtyard.One of the things I love about my #Toronto neighborhood is that I see horse cops all the time. Look at this dappled grey on Queen!
Bird tracks in snow.Holiday lights on ice. #iceTO #icestormI have a couple more photos of the ice storm, but in the meantime, some fluffy Rumble wishes to supermodel for you.Even the mighty Tim Horton falls beneath the slickening forces of the #icestorm. #iceTOIcy tree looks like a brain. How cool is that?More icicle fun during the #icestorm. The sign says Don't Walk.
Chain links on ice in #Toronto.Holiday wreath gets frosty in the #icestorm here in #Toronto.Icicle bicycle. Because I'm still fascinated by all the #Toronto bike commuters and their hardware.More ice storm prettiness. @kellyoyo and I have only realized much of #toronto is without power.Ice storm versus leaf on King West, #Toronto. #iceTOA bit of graffiti from my neighborhood.

Instagrams, a set on Flickr.

Bits and pieces of the recent past, with captions: ice storm pics, a trip to Riverdale Farm, and more! If you haven’t seen them elsewhere, enjoy!

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