Slices of Dua life

Posted on October 20, 2013 by

I told @camillealexa that my necklaces disappeared in the move and so she gave me this birdie.Mall Vampire says "No! This carousel is mine!"Bears at the zoo.Steampunky mall dinosaur, in Calgary's Chinook Center.I am home sweet home with my fur kids and happy to be here!Mountain goat!
And then also there was an elk.The time travelling portion of the Calgary Zoo is still open for business.Penguins! Inherently funny animals.Owl!I love me a raptor.Cougar at the Calgary Zoo, which my niece has renamed Boring Zoo b/c half the zoo was closed in the summer flood.
Minnow sits in a bag of clothes we're donating to the KIND Exchange.Meanwhile, in the wilds of suburbia, trampoline bear is utterly sacked out.Husky Tower in the side view. Looks short, huh?All praise Phil & Sebastian, where real coffee happens in Calgary.Prairie yards under a prairie sky. Hello long weekend!Alberta Bound! Waiting at the gate to board the plane to Thanksgiving goodness.
Conjoined bicycles at Nuit Blanche Toronto.The Mothership has landed.Crowds gather at Nathan Phillips Square to check out Ai Weiwei's Forever Bicycles.Juggler on Spadina has five of her balls in the air.Dan Leckie Way was a bridge of light yesterday evening at Nuit Blanche in #Toronto.Burr man meets his Nuit Blanche fans.

Instagrams, a set on Flickr.

Another round of captioned snapshots, some from Nuit Blanche, others from last weekend’s holiday run to Calgary.

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