Toronto Day 94 – Eavesdropping in Burgertown

got the feverWhat I overheard: “Well, if we can’t find a Priest, we’ll have to go looking for a Hero.”

Sounds very Dungeons and Dragons, no? Real world adventurers, off to find a cleric to help them slay a dragon. And yet they didn’t look like the sort of people one should stalk with a camera, in case a mystic fight broke out.

What it means: Toronto seems very burger oriented. There are burger joints everydamnwhere, many of them the proud owners of patios–patio dining is huge here, too. There are burger chains upon burger chains, and I should note that I mean they’re pubs: they’re not selling rubber ninety-nine cent McNasties.

One such chain is The Burger’s Priest. And another is Hero Burgers.

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2 Responses to Toronto Day 94 – Eavesdropping in Burgertown

  1. McNasties is good, but I always preferred “toadburgers”. I mean, look at the color!