Saying goodbye to Joyce Summers on the #BuffyRewatch

slayerI didn’t get out of rewatching “The Body” and now I’m out to share the pain. The essay is live, and it comes with at least one bad pun.

I spent the weekend at FanExpo Vancouver, and met many wonderful fans; I also got to reconnect with a bunch of friends who made a point of ambling by Authors’ Alley while I was at the convention. It was my first time in the big room at Canada Place, the one whose roof is actually the sails. The light and air in there were wonderful. The floor, otoh, was very hard indeed and my ankle has been suffering as a result.

Speaking of events, if you are in Vancouver the launch for the Camille Alexa / Claude Lalumiere anthology Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories is tomorrow at the StormCrow Tavern. The details are on Alexa’s site, here and it would be great to see every last one of you.

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