April Showers

We have been having a gorgeous spring, filled with light and birdsong and flowers. The double-flowering plums in front of my building are about to pop, and already the minivans of Vancouver are starting to be plastered with pink confetti from the cherries and apple trees that are currently in bloom everywhere you care to look.

My own little deck garden is looking quite spectacular of late, and on this rainy Sunday, if I cared to, I could go out and take a picture identical to this one:

Rainwet flowers

But there are goldfinches partying out there with the feeder, and Rummy is gently serenading them with the “I want to chew your neck” symphony, we’ve named BBC Two, so I’ll leave them in peace and give you last year’s model of the purple tulip. Tweety here thanks you for your patience.

Goldfinch love

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