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Happy almost-the-weekend, everyone!

your app hereGoogle’s announcement that it was killing off its reader app caused me a few moments of pain on Wednesday, until I realized that what I love is not so much the Google part of the equation but the fact that it interfaces nicely with an app called Flipboard. And this is something it will cease to do when they kill the service, but it was a moment’s work to surf up a “best alternatives to Reader for iGadgets” article and from there find my way to Feedly, which seems like an awfully pretty and workable solution.

My needs are pretty modest, I must admit. I keep up with a few blogs, I browse Longreads, and I follow a few people who can be relied upon to post intelligent writing related links, some of which I forward to my students. (And, lately, I pin them for posterity.)

So, while I go make sure I know how to use Feedly and catch up with all my favorite stuff, here’s a little streamer with the latest Instagram posts.

[instapress userid=”AlyxDellamonica” piccount=”7″ size=”90″ effect=”fancybox”]


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