Catworld Revision Project #6 – Commercial Code changes to retail businesses

First, to be clear, this is about cats at work. Not cats who work. Don’t be ridiculous.

This is the center of Morgan Worship in the Wonderbucks on Commercial Drive. Note the bottom of a The Province article about who? Morgan! And the brightly colored hand-written FAQ about who? Morgan? This is an excellent example of a feline-centered existence.

Morgan, Duchess of Wonderbux. #cats

Morgan is the 16-year-old cat who drops in for adoration at Wonderbucks every morning, and then swings by the Greek restaurant next door for, one assumes, delicious treats. Morgan’s home is around the corner. She is a neighborhood institution and widely beloved.

Morgan is also one of the dedicated cadre of feline observers who make themselves available to keep one eye turned to what we all get up to on those long days when we vanish from the home and are not available to cater to their every whim. Why aren’t there more? How many businesses take the time to set up an altar like this for their overlords? There should be more, humanity.

The international feline conspiracy will, henceforth, accept the following as valid reasons why your business should not also have a resident cat.

Um… Rock concert levels of noise? That’s about it. Respectful thoughts about feline-hostile environments and your reasons why they shouldn’t just be converted to litterboxes may be considered.

We love hearing about cats in the workplace, and invite you to tell me all your favorite heartwarming stories about same.

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