Weird Sked and long weekends

My work and play rhythms have been shifting around a lot lately; I moved one of my regular commitments from Thursday to Wednesday, and have returned to doing yoga a few evenings a week (hatha, at Open Door), after a long stretch of not. Kelly had some deadlines that made it worthwhile for us both to work all day last Saturday, and then to take off Friday the 18th. This worked out nicely because we had a date that night to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the not-legal wedding. (Which, we figure, is also the 25th anniversary of our having met as adults.)

California Academy of Sciences (Actual anniversary is today! Monday the 21st!)

Between holidays, K catching a cold, and the deadlines, we haven’t had a five-day, nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday work week since before we went to Nevada. And in the midst of it Kelly and I were somehow having so much fun cooking in the early part of this year–making favorite old recipes and fun new things–that we’ve packed our freezer to bursting.

I could probably do nothing but thaw delicious homemade things for dinner for three weeks or more.

Some of that culinary activity passed for thinking about the new novel: chopping veggies and wool-gathering are very compatible activities, for me. Some of it was about not yet having much to do for my latest UCLA Writers’ Extension Program course… I’ve been setting up the virtual classroom for Writing the Fantastic, but the class actually opens to students on Wednesday. Some was also about internet time wasteage… “I should find a new recipe for X, holy yum this looks amazing… must make must make cooking explosion!!!

In any case, it has been a pleasant, productive and relaxing few weeks.

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  1. Okay, NOW I can officially say Happy Anniversary 🙂