GottaGo GottaStay GottaCon… come along?

Posted on January 18, 2013 by

GottaCon is happening in Victoria on the weekend of February 1-3, and it pleases me no end to tell you all that I’ll be the Writer Guest of Honor there. The schedule’s here: I’m appearing with so many awesome people, like Matt Hughes and Dave Duncan, and podcaster Jules Sherred.

GottaCon is a broad-spectrum gaming convention. It’s my first ever GoH gig, and as someone who started playing D&D in the Eighties before moving onto the Hero System (and staying there forever because that’s how versatile it is!) and has been gaming, in one form or another, ever since, this is just a delight.

If you’re Victoria-adjacent and interested in attending, the pre-registration price is still only $40 until next Tuesday.

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