Grandma grimace and consumer therapy

My grandmother’s health has gotten steadily worse this past year, and she has just been moved into a new care facility in Stony Plain. I had to do a little surfing Tuesday to determine whether it was a hospice–nope–and I am glad she’s getting more care, whatever that more happens to be. (In point of fact, the place is run by the Good Samaritans Society, who also ran the facility in Hinton where K’s dad spent his final year. So there’s a bit of familiarity there at least.)

I am blessed to be forty four and still have a grandma–and such a fantastic one at that!–but the fact that I’m grateful doesn’t keep me from greedily wanting more Joan. That said, she’s ninety-one and the last time I saw her, her lot in life seemed deeply uncomfortable. So the news of this latest development brings with it some sadness, a little effort toward accepting the inevitable, and hope that in the near term things are somehow easier for her.

Here’s Joan in 2006:

On a much cheerier and significantly more consumerist note, the next phase of sprucing up Chez Dua will involve less painting and more small appliances. We hated our toaster from day one (long story) and now it’s dropping parts. As soon as we find a cute toaster we like, it’s gone gone gone! We desperately need a vacuum and just plain want a coffee grinder.

I replaced our bathroom fan Monday night after the long long drive from Orycon, because the fan store is inconvenient to get to unless you happen to be on the road home from America.

The trip from Portland was cheering and restful, as working weekends go. We got to hang with some of our most beloved U.S. peeps, and to talk with them about all the cool little bits and pieces I am stuffing into the world of Stormwrack.

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