Alyx is in a relationship with Livejournal…

Posted on October 19, 2012 by

And it’s complicated.

LJ used to be the go-to site for my blog and it was where I kept up with a core of my most beloved friends. It was also, at one time, a bustling hive of delightful writer activity. I’m not the first to have noted that it seems to be a bit of a ghost town now, but I still have a glance at my friends list once or twice a day. I start with the short filter of peeps I know and love well, in case they’ve posted. Mostly they haven’t. Then I hit “Friends” and see what everyone else is up to.

The reverse seems to be true, too. There are at least one or two people who still look for me there, and so my posts, which now originate in WordPress from my official site, get exported there. Comments happen. Conversations still occur… they’re just quicker, quieter, and shorter. The party is smaller.

Times change, services get less effective, and people move on. I miss being able to one-click my way to an update on everyone’s life–because hey, that was damned convenient for me!–but I do understand the why.

But I’m curious. Are you still reading LJ these days, if you ever were? Is there anything you’d have me change about my presence there. . . do you want a daily feed of my tweets, for example?

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