Unclear on the concept of Tuesday

Disruption and discombobulation – I am packing up the office as thoroughly as I can while still working in it, the better to patch the walls and paint them. Kelly and I left them as they were when we moved in because the office is so very full of me being busy all the time, and full of the stuff, including a billion books, related to that. But it’s time to stop putting up with the various small things that annoy us about this place. The kids who were raised here put literally hundreds of small holes in the office walls with a blue ballpoint pen. They’re dirty, they’re dingy, they’re severely perforated and it’s been eleven bleeping years. And paint is cheap.

Looks like moving, but no. Packing up the office so we can paint.

It doesn’t much matter, but yesterday’s book post was supposed to go up today. I spaced, yesterday, on what day it was. The only part of the day when I knew it was Tuesday was when I was on my way to or actually facilitating my mid-day mentoring gig.

I’m sure my blogging schedule is of limited interest to anyone but me, but anyway–oops!

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