Nesting, nesting

On Saturday K and I took a Modo car to the wilds of South East Marine Drive to see if we could track down a new winter-weight quilt at a DaniaDown warehouse outlet. It had been about ninety degrees in our house for the better part of a week, but summer’s when you get cheap bedding. Or so went the rationale.

Our previous duvet had also come from DaniaDown, I’m pretty sure. It had been a toasty and delicious winter snuggler, but time had ground the fill down to powder and our cat Buddha had done some pretty unspeakable (but easy to guess) things to it.

Anyway, we scored: found a duvet, good and poofy, with a hypo-allergenic exterior and lots of stitching to keep the filling from wandering. We got a new set of sheets and a cushion for good measure.

Upgrading some of our oldest, beat-up stuff–even as we toss a mountain of clutter–is part of a big Alyx and Kelly plan to nest, to make the house prettier and more comfortable. We’d meant to get started in the spring but strata repairs got in the way. No complaints, of course, as that got us pretty new windows. But there may be a few more strata things on the horizon. So, sadly, we’re going at this fixing up the house thing a bit judiciously.

But a cozier bed is an awesome start!

And speaking of cozy, don’t you just want to cuddle some baby ducks?
Ducklings at Piper Spit, Burnaby Lake

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