All my TOR stuff are belong in the iStore

So not into the Kindle thing? Opposed to Amazon for any reason at all? But kinda into e-books? This may be the post for you.

My publisher, TOR, has currently got four works of mine out as e-books, and recently they’ve made it to the Apple ecosystem. This means iPhone and iPad users can load up my two novels, Indigo Springs and Blue Magic. The two novelettes available in this format, The Cage and Among the Silvering Herd.

Like all of TOR’s stuff now, these files are DRM-free, which logically should mean that you can buy them from iTunes and read them on other devices. I haven’t attempted to do this yet, but if there are wrinkles in the process I’ll let you know.

(All this stuff is of course findable if you go to the link with my name on it: A.M. Dellamonica.)

Like anyone in practically any kind of business at all these days, an unknowable portion of my fate is tied to good user reviews and ratings. As far as I can tell, you do not have to have purchased any of the above stories from the iStore to rate it. (This isn’t true of apps–you have to own one to post about it.) So… if you have read and liked one of them, and have a minute to hit the iStore and say so, I’ll be in your debt.

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