Saturday witterings

Posted on April 20, 2012 by

I am sitting home by the fire tip-tapping as the cats patrol the living room. Kelly is away just for the night–her sister’s mom died and all the Robson Sibs have gone to Kamloops to be with Sue during the Celebration of Life. (Dad had three wives, so this isn’t K’s mom. She’s okay, just being an excellent sister.)

I am going to be appearing at FanExpo Vancouver tomorrow, selling and signing books, so I didn’t go.

In cheerier news, my Blue Magic launch at the UBC Bookstore went very well. Joseph Wu came as a guest artist and made this fabulous paper portrait of Sahara Knax, late in her transformation.

It was bright and sunny today and I got out a bit in the morning, and then in the afternoon I went and spent a quick, peculiar hour with Barb. (We were both wiped out and so a lot of it amounted to parallel play, with iPads.) Since then I’ve been home trying to sort through a prodigious pile of tasks.

There’s a big fly buzzing around the living room and Minnow is scrambling around the joint chasing it; it’s better than TV. Speaking of which, I’m thinking of making a BtVS Rewatch (“Homecoming” !) my next task.


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