Pics and Praises

First, a supernice piece of feedback from @SunDriedRainbow, via Twitter: (NBD means no big deal):

I ADORE you have gay and trans characters and it’s NBD. thanks for writing what I want the world to be.

Folks, this not only swelled my ego, it darn near made me cry.

Second, I believe M.K. Hobson’s Kickstarter for THE WARLOCK’S CURSE starts today, on lucky Friday the Thirteenth.

My blogging routine has been thrown to the winds this week, naturally, by the Blue Magic release. It’ll all get back to normal soon, though with a lingering probability of “And now I’m guest blogging here!” showers.

Also because of the release, I’ve hit a stretch where it’s become obvious that, if I choose, I could spend all day every day just answering e-mails.

Here’s a thing: the faster you run on the e-mail wheel, the faster the notes come pouring back. Instead of scrambling like Alice and never getting anything real accomplished, I have made a real effort to move at a sane speed: do a couple things I need to (like, oh, my taxes?) and then clear out the inbox. Then go for a walk so I don’t become a mole person, clear it out again. Right now it all seems to be working. Or I’m deluded; we’ll see which turns out to be true.

All of which means I shot some spring flowers this week:

All Imported-4

When I first moved here, I didn’t know these were star magnolias. For a few years, we called them Daisy Trees.

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