The Windowman Cometh

The window guys are slated to be back today and Friday, so I may not be around all that much. If they finish (they’re supposed to) I can reassemble the curtains and put the plants back. Not to mention wiping up the fine layer of grit that construction inevitably leaves behind. They’re very tidy people, I should mention, and swept up after their first day in the house. In fact, they swept up a whole pile of grime I’d discovered when I pulled the furniture away from the walls. I had figured hey–wait until they’re done to clean up the cobwebs and cat hair and the crumbly shoe dirt in the foyer. So all that got done for me. Bonus!
Vancouver had a glorious sunny stretch of weather this past weekend, so I got out to Queen Elizabeth Park Friday and chased birds around, both outside and in the Bloedel Conservatory.

All Imported-11

On Saturday, Kelly and I hit Gastown and the Sun Yat Sen gardens with the camera. I didn’t score anything spectacular, but we saw snow geese flying overhead… that’s only about the third time ever for me.
Sunday was one of those rare leisurely days with the true pace of a vacation, with lots of lying around and, in my case, not one but two naps. The house, disassembled as it was for the window job, had a bright and oddly spacious feel.

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