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We trimmed Once Upon a Time from the to-watch list a few weeks ago; much as I adore Lana Parilla and Giancarlo Esposito, it was time to accept that the quality of the writing and the overall schtick didn’t make it worth the time.

Ringer met the same fate this week, as that had devolved into laughing uproariously every time Ioan Gruffyd looked pole-axed (which occurs at least six times per episode) but otherwise tuning out.

Four episodes into S1 of The Killing, the verdict seems to wow, be not much is happening, and boy is it grim! Things need to pick up in some way or we won’t make it to S2, which starts soon. Yawn, yawn, Michelle Forbes is gorgeous, yawn some more.

Merlin: “Lancelot du Lac” was a total copout, and on one of my favorite stories. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised or disappointed.

So what am I enjoying? Smash. The River’s been uneven but mostly good cheesy fun, and I’m counting the days to the premiere of Game of Thrones.

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