Naples, especially the museum

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I am closing in on having all the photos from our trip uploaded to my archive on Flickr. The latest batches are from beautiful beautiful Napoli, and feature much in the way of cool old statuary. It was a wonderful museum–though a couple rooms I really wanted to see were closed.

Napoli was every bit as cool as Rome and all of Sicily, but it felt like more work. By then we were tired, of course, but the combination of fatigue, only having a couple nights, dodging New Years’ celebrants and their (huge, noisy, numerous) explosives and then being on the loose in the city on a stat holiday, when basic things like the transit system were partially shut down… it somehow made Palermo and Catania both seem effortless. Which they weren’t.

This isn’t to say I didn’t like the city, or have a good time there. I did! I’d very much like to go back, though, for more than two days and not during a holiday. Then again, I want to go back to every single place we saw, so I suppose all I’m saying is when I go back, I want it to be in some way warmer and fuzzier and more cuddly.

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