Exquisite Words had a great time at SiWC

Today’s snippet is from Stephen King’s It.

The lightning plays fitfully across his face and although he does not know it, the day has just turned. May 28th, 1985 has become May 29th over the dark and stormy country that is western Illinois tonight; farmers backsore with plantings sleep like the dead below and dream their quicksilver dreams and who knows what may move in their barns and their cellars and their fields as the lightning walks and the thunder talks? No one knows these things; they only know that power is loose in the night, and the air is crazy with the big volts of the storm.

We have a character on a journey here, and this conveys that–time passing, miles traveled, and storms ahead.

There should be a review of It up soon on Tor.com, by the way, as part of my look at Eighties horror.

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