Yesterday’s dining, today’s iPad experiments

duck confit from @petitchauvignolShort rib poutine from @petitchauvignolRumbleMy Dutch Master phaseCafe Calabria, East Vancouverphoto.JPG
photo.JPGphoto.JPGphoto.JPGphoto.JPGphoto.JPGMinnow sketch
Broken house on 2ndAnd after my baff, I holds the bed down...What? I'm bathing!Princess and castleWine ReflectionsWine Reflections
Wine ReflectionsWine ReflectionsWine ReflectionsSwallowtail cropsSwallowtail cropsSwallowtail crops

I am up to 12,382 words out of 2K for my Clarion Write-A-Thon commitment (support Clarion here!) and could safely say I wrote twice today’s 382 words… it’s just that I cut 300 first.

I would also like to say that had I known that one day I could run a bowl of fruit through a Photoshop filter and come up with a smudgy-pastel sketch of a still life, I probably wouldn’t have expended any effort at all on art, in school or as an extracurricular activity. I am now eagerly awaiting the iPad app that allows me to effectively figure skate and do balance beam routines.

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