Risked getting birdcrap in my hair for these…

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I swore I would make it out there with the big zoom, and now I have. In fact, I meant today to head straight for the Stanley Park Heronry, as it’s called, but the allure of a spin around the reservoir caught me. This means that at some point in the not too distant I’ll be uploading more swans, scaups, and gulls. But I made it in the end, and it was wondrous. Here’s my first sighting.

Each clump is a nest…

Stanley Park Heronry

Each nest has two birds… and probably four photographers.

Oh, there were some big-ass lenses and mighty tripods there, and a heck of a lot of people, all crammed into the four square feet with the best light and the least evidence, on the ground, of bird droppings. (Since I was willing to get slimed and not wed to a forty pound tripod, I circled a bit.)

Stanley Park Heronry

I observed that some of my feathered friends have strong feelings, possibly about our upcoming national and provincial elections. If you’re local, I recommend going to hear what they have to say. Herons are usually so quiet and dignified!

Stanley Park Heronry

Others, however, clearly have already decided how they’re voting and have turned off the TV until both elections and @$@###%! hockey season are over.

Stanley Park Heronry

My mission: get back when the chicks are hatched.

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