It’s my birthday!

I am forty-three today, which is amazing in a one hundred percent gratifying way.

Birthday themed celebrations did not include a party, but did include: going to see Jonathan Coulton last Friday, going to le Crocodile for a night of Alsation fare (translation: mountain of pork!), having a fabulous dinner out with my mother, at Salsa and Agave, buying a pretty new dress, having a Sherlock rewatch at home with dessert last night and, um, telling all of you! Whee!

(Yes, there was supposed to be a trip, but it didn’t pan out. We’ll go, but it won’t be a birthday thing.)

I’m not much for presents, but if any of you can arrange for the 2nd Avenue skunk to pause in a photogenic shaft of light when I have my camera at and and ten minutes to spare, I’d be obliged. My current best photo of the beast could be mistaken for a quasar.

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