The Native Star can finally be yours!!

It’s August 31st! This means M.K. Hobson’s delightful, ambitious, quirky, romantic, and thoroughly delectable first novel The Native Star is, at long last, in bookstores. Rejoice!

My experience with Indigo Springs was that there was actually a couple weeks of lag between the official release date and the book hitting the shelves in Chapters and the other bricks and mortar stores here in Canada. I got a lot of e-mails from people who’d rushed right out on November 10th–in the Lower Mainland, in Edmonton, and in Toronto–and been unable to buy it. (And hey–if that was you, thank you!) So my recommendation is that you call your local bookstore, and order it, or otherwise request it in person, to make sure they know that seriously, you need a copy.

To keep you from dying of anticipation while you are sorting out the logistics, Hobson has kindly posted the first chapter, Ashes of Amour, here. Or if you missed her Journey interview earlier this month, you can check it out too!

Congratulations, Mary!

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