Oz gets the boot on the #BuffyRewatch

My latest season four rewatch is up, and it’s “New Moon Rising.”

I loved Oz, and Seth Green as Oz, but I’m also all: Yay! Tara!

Hush–the Rewatch! (Being an Alyx #Buffyrewatch on @tordotcom)

You loved “Hush.” I loved “Hush.” When Kelly and I rented a local theater in Vancouver for a showing of “Once More with Feeling,” “Hush” was the episode we watched as a preview. It is, I am certain, the S4 episode I’ve seen the most times. And here’s what I said about it.

And, by the way, it includes a handy sample of the tweets we’d be seeing from the Scoobies if the Gentlemen hit Sunnydale today. And it wasn’t a smoking crater.

If it’s Tuesday, Dawn’s not on the #Buffyrewatch yet

Last week’s went up as usual, but I didn’t manage to post links, because honestly, shoving all the furniture in the two bedrooms of our house made me OMG, Holy Crap, that tired. So this week’s essay is on “Something Blue” and it’s called “A Prelude to Spuffy.” And last week’s was, appropriately enough, the Thanksgiving episode, and I called it “You Made a Bear!”

Halloween comes early on the #Buffyrewatch @tordotcom

I’m up to “Fear, Itself” this week on the Buffy Rewatch. Enjoy!

State of the Office:
The first coat of "Durango dust" (aka cream) is on the first two walls. Coat two commencing now.

This weekend I went off for what turned out to be a 7.5 km walk with Barb in Everett Crowley Park and environs while Kelly went to yoga. We then grabbed up a Modo Car and went OMG, everywhere. Lunch at Triluzza, the recycling depot, the paint store, Gourmet Warehouse for hominy, the drug store, the produce market, and some other errandy place I can’t remember.

On Sunday, we had made a reservation to go spoil ourselves at the Urban Tea Merchant. We had a thoroughly decadent tea (which didn’t photograph as well as I’d like but what can you do?) and then returned home in a state of caffeinated bliss and attacked the painting of the first two walls.

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