Welcome to my online home!

I am Alyx Dellamonica (also sometimes known as L.X. Beckett), author of seven novels and over 50 short stories, poems, VR scenarios, and even one professionally produced play.

I have also at various times taught creative writing at UCLA and UTSC, as well as writing nonfiction articles about video games, SF books and media, and the environment, science, and futurism.

I make my home in Toronto Ontario, where I live with my wife, author Kelly Robson, and our cat Lorenzo Magnifico.

Fiction: If you are here, it’s probably to learn about my writing. You can find information about and in many cases live links to all of my publications here. For contact info, interview information, photos and professional biographies, you’ll find what you need in my press kit.

Upcoming Appearances: I will be at Worldcon 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland, this August. Schedule TBA, but it’s looking like my panels will mostly fall on the weekend.

Teaching and mentorships: I am on a break from teaching, except for occasional workshops, and am not taking new students or mentees at present. Lectures, writing FAQs and many of my various essays about writing are here.

The Socials: I am most active on Instagram, where I am alyxdellamonica. I am also on Bluesky under the same name.

Extreme close-up of a tabby cat’s face.

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