Cause and Effect: Yoga Edition

imageYesterday I realized I was bestowing big grins on a subset of the guys I passed on the street. They all happened to be about the same size, in the mid-twenties age range, and bearded and gingery. Not quite scruffy, but definitely not corporate.

In time, I worked out that what these guys have in common is that they might possibly look like one of Yyoga’s ashtanga instructors. Because I go into the studio without my glasses on, I have a smeary and apparently rather approximate idea of what the fellow in question looks like.

Basically I spent the day smiling at people who almost certainly weren’t O the very nice yoga dude.

This may imply that as I get older and blinder, my goodwill toward all humanity will increase as I continue to assume that everyone I see out and about is, possibly, one of my friends or acquaintances.