Thursday Blog Quartet

The launch of Child of a Hidden Sea has been exciting, perhaps even something of a whirlwind. To anyone who bought the book, posted a review, tweeted about it or even went “Whee!” in the privacy of their kitchen, I want to say thank you. Your support is delightful and humbling and amazing, and I feel very blessed.

If you still want to know what the fuss is about, I have been blogging hither and yon on various topics to tie in to the book release. Here are four places where you can find me being giddy, serious, instructive, and apocalyptic by turns…

The Campaign for the American Reader asked what I had on page 69 of the novel.

In the Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, I talk about how completed unsuited I would be to surviving the collapse of civilization. Or even the global coffee supply chain.

An interview at author Kaleigh Maguire’s book blog, where she asks (among other things) what advice I’d give writers who are just starting out.

And in my final post on Magical Words today, I bring my penetrating insight to bear on the plot of Back to the Future.

In case none of that does it for you, here’s a kitten picture:


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