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I know I’m not alone in this, but I just love infographics. Knowledge! Packed into memorable pictures! Beautifully designed and all laid out in color! What’s not to love?

I decided when I began my infographics pinboard that if it looked good and the basic facts on any given topic weren’t deeply stupid or obvious lies, I’d pin them without further digging. The general idea is that if I ever choose to make use of the info, in a story for example, I’ll fact-check it then. So when the “psychology of color” graphic claims that blue is the most productive color for an office, I’m giving myself permission to go Mmmm, really? Says who? and still hoard the image.

This board is, in its way, cousin to photos like this one:
Anaconda Copper Mine

Not checking the info immediately is a strategy to keep me from deciding whether to exclude some lovely but silly stuff, and risk losing the potentially useful. I’ll never want to pause long enough in the pinning moment to do the truth-checking. Save now, research later is a way of ensuring I don’t end up with a brain full of “Wasn’t there a picture of this I could have used now? I wonder where on the intertubes that got to?”

It also means the range of info on this particular board is rather eclectic. There’s everything from stats on Kickstarter projects to facts about coffee and a few things that don’t exist in the world, like the Geek Tube Map.

The unifying thread, I suppose, is “This Might Be Knowledge.”

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