Flaps down

Posted on February 19, 2011 by

I don’t usually keep many gull photos, but this was kind of irresistible:


We spent yesterday evening at the Jonathan Coulton concert with Muppet, Ana, and Superbass. Hewing to true fannish tradition, I took first shift in the early line-up, over four hours before the concert began; I got cold, but I distracted myself with iPod videos until Ana came to spell me off.

The concert was about a half-and-half mix of new stuff and old faves, and really fun. I kept remembering that I got my first taste of Coulton from a friend who’s currently in hospital, so there was a bit of bittersweet there. (I’m thinking of you, P. Get better, dammit!)

It was a nice event, and the weekend holds the promise of a birthday treat–I have decided that since my trip to Osoyoos went down the flush, the universe owes me the other dress I tried on last week–a walk in the cold sunny air, sightings of frozen crocuses and, afterward, much fireside loafing.

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