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Unconventional love of a cute couple:


Unless something truly photogenic comes my way in the next week, I am declaring this the official photo of my 22nd not legal wedding anniversary, which is actually this-coming Friday. (Kelly and I decided to celebrate yesterday because I have a concert on Saturday the 22nd, which would limit my partying options a bit.)

We’d decided to knock off early and meet at the Opus Hotel, and a lucky break in the clouds convinced me I ought to walk to Yaletown via False Creek. It was such a good decision. I had a fantastic kingfisher sighting. I saw it catch a fish! And thanks to my iPod Audobon bird-identifying app, I was able to go “Hey, that bird’s a girl!” These things excite me. I arrived at our date in an extremely happy state.

Our destination was the incandescent Lupo Restaurant, on Hamilton Street. This is a lovely heritage home that’s been converted to a restaurant: we ate in a room with a cozy gas fireplace, and they treated us like princesses. Kelly had the proscuitto pizzetta, I had a mushroom pasta (it’s not on the menu I’ve linked to, sadly, but oh! it was to weep!).

There was steak and seafood and two glasses of prosecco–being me, that means I was quite tipsy!–and a Grand Marnier creme brulee at the end.

Glorious, wonderful food. I cannot recommend this place enough.

We cabbed home, watched an hour of crime TV, and toddled off to bed at the usual early hour. I felt thoroughly spoiled.

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