“The Cage” is up on Tor.Com!

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Here’s a snippet and a link: I hope you all enjoy it.

The eerie thing about Paige Adolpha wasn’t just that she turned up right when I was reading about her in the paper. It wasn’t her fame as the star witness in the big local werewolf trial. What brought on the gooseflesh, first time I saw her, was that she was the spitting image of her murdered sister. Identical twins, you know?

The story is part of the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy spotlight at TOR.COM, and here is a handy index of everything posted so far.

By all rights today’s photo should be of East Vancouver, which is where this story is set. But this shot of Coal Harbor is classic summer Vancouver, in a part of town and from a point of view I don’t get often. It’s also ever so slightly shiny and new because the convention center, in the background, hasn’t been there that long. Even once it was built we couldn’t get near it, because of Olympics-related security. Since the fences came down, you can walk all the way from Canada Place to Stanley Park along the water.

Coal Harbor

Response to “The Cage” is up on Tor.Com!

  1. I'll be honest, I hadn't heard of you before today, when I got my TOR email.

    I loved your story. LOVED IT.

    Thank you.

  2. I am so glad, Jen–glad, too, that you've heard of me now. Thank you for dropping by!

  3. I just got my Tor newsletter. I thoroughly enjoyed “The Cage” and not just because I'm also a paranormal author. Your use of the line “old school butch” had me roaring with laughter. I'm a queer femme besides a writer. The story was highly entertaining and I put Wild Indigo on my must-buy list tonight. Thanks from a new fan. 🙂

  4. Heh, no problem–exactly the kind of thing I'd do myself. And I am very glad you liked the story.