Tomato attacks and other posts of postage

Posted on August 12, 2014 by

Uno: CinCin goes for her little operation tomorrow. Lozo is scheduled for four weeks hence. I would give so much to be able to explain why, to cats about the veterinarian. I know I’m not alone there.

What new toy is this, cat mommies?

Due: Though I often like to cook with crime shows playing as background noise, I had recently been quietly beating myself up for watching So! Much! TV! during daytime hours. Then I realized the reason I blew through S4 of The Killing in two weeks is that it was only six episodes long.

Tre: Once again my freezer has filled up with red things. When I’m not paying attention, I end up squirreling away meal after meal with tomato-based sauce. I need me some white, green and orange, stat! (Quick and dirty somewhat healthy leftover intensive recipe suggestions are always appreciated.)

Quattro: This morning’s writing session was good for 850 words.

Response to Tomato attacks and other posts of postage

  1. red cabbage and carrot coleslaw. grate or cut fine, add mayo, lemon, sesame oil, sesame seeds, garlic, raisins, salt, put crushed nuts on top (amounts to taste). I use whatever nuts I have about the house.