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3891536336_0d52c64a4c.jpgYou’ve found the A.M. Dellamonica web page. Here you can find info about me, my novels Child of a Hidden Sea,  Indigo Springs and Blue Magic, and my short fiction.

I moved to the city of Toronto in 2013, after twenty-two years in Vancouver, B.C. My first novel, Indigo Springs, won the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic. The sequel, Blue Magic, was released in 2012.

I am passionate about environmentalism, food and drink, and art in every form. I dabble in several: photography, choral music, theater, dance, cooking and crafts. Desire fascinates me, and I often write about the cost of love.

Within this page are blog entries, publication announcements, links to short stories and articles, and information on my latest UCLA Extension Writers’ Program writing classes as well as my one-on-one mentoring program. You’ll find photos, book reviews, writing resources and the occasional lavish description of a fine meal out. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop me a line. I’m happy to help.

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  1. sjforest says:

    Hi, Alyx–are you appearing at, or attending any upcoming conferences this summer? Perhaps Surrey, or Cancom?


    • I definitely hope to be invited to SiWC again some year, but I don’t think it will happen in 2013. DD Barant will be there, though and he is great!!

      My next appearance will be in my (new) hometown, at the Toronto FanExpo.

  2. it was a lovely afternoon to meet both of you.

  3. jake says:

    Hey, I am the Frogbox delivery man whom you gave a bundle of your books before leaving Vancouver. Me and my girlfriend Loved Indigo springs and we ran out and bought the sequel and quickly devoured it also. Thank you for all the books, they are much loved at mt work. but mostly thank you for introducing me to your work.

    • Jake,

      I am so glad you enjoyed all the books, though of course I am especially pleased to hear you loved mine. (Thank your girlfriend for me too!)

      My next is out in June – it’ll be called CHILD OF A HIDDEN SEA.

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