Alyx Who?

Hello and welcome! I write novels and short fiction, mostly in the science fiction and fantasy genres, and teach writing online. I’ve posted a little information about my past and personal life here. My most recent novel is my 2019 ecothriller Gamechanger, written in my not-so-secret ID as L.X. Beckett. (For everything you ever wanted to know about Lex and were afraid to ask, click here!)

I am a proud client of Caitlin Blasdell at Liza Dawson Associates Literary Agency.

Please come in and get acquainted. You can hear a reading from my award-winning ecofantasy, Indigo Springs, check out the first chapter of its sequel, Blue Magic or browse for something shorter here. If you’re wondering about the virtual writing workshops I teach through UCLA, see the Teaching section for information about my philosophy and my classes.

Finally, if you’re wondering about what I’m up to right now, you’re very welcome to speak your mind by reaching out to me on Twitter.

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