220 Sleeps until Rome

As prep for our holiday trip, I have just read and loved Basilica: The Splendor and the Scandal: Building St. Peter’s, by R.A. Scott. It’s got almost everything I love in a book: History! Popes! Architecture! More History!

Okay, there wasn’t a lot of girl in the thing (as The Spike might say: “What a cockfest!”) but it was a dramatic and thoroughly entertaining read about a building process so immense and protracted that parts of it are incredibly hard to credit.

I have always been a one book at a time type of reader but in recent weeks I’ve been trying to have both a novel and something non-fictional on the go. As a result, Basilica has been sharing time and head-space with Josh Lanyon’s The Dark Farewell, a post-war gay romance serial killer novel (see previous comment by Spike) which one of you recommended. Was it you?

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