En vacance

We flew to Calgary on Thursday for a family visit–flying was uneventful, as such things go, although there was an overwrought, huffing woman in the security line behind me, very clenched and angry-looking, emitting a put-upon sigh every thirty seconds or so, who ended up sitting right next to us. I decided to believe she was afraid of flying.

I had brought a few treasures from the Grotto al Formaggio with us in an insulated lunchbag; my sister in law loves cheese, and it’s a short flight. The security folks confiscated the ice pack I’d put in with them–no big surprise, I suppose, but K and I got up a fun riff about whether somebody could make a go of a low security airline for risk takers. In Canada, we decided, it would be called Slapshot Air.

We had to cancel the Onoway run to see Grandma. The reasons were good, but we are all disappointed to be missing each other. Instead we spent Friday puttering and doing bits of work at Casa Bro, playing with their Apple TV, comparing e-book readers, and embarking on a soup-off. K opened this event with a roasted butternut squash and corn soup: as I type this, she is making it and the house smells amazing.

(later) We made a quick, fruitless trip to a mall, looking for jeans and to see if the bookstore had a box of the Indigo Springs mass market edition in the back–I haven’t seen it yet. They might, apparently, but it isn’t unpacked yet; if I go back Sunday, I might be able to fondle… er, sign stock.

And soon Niecelet will be home from daycare and the worshipping can begin!

(still later) Ooh good worshipping has been had! I have some awesome pics!

The soup-off has become more of a food-off: Bro has decided he can’t match K’s soup, so we must have barbecued ribs tomorrow, and not one of us put up a fight over this ruling. He and Sis are off buying meat while we entertain the four year old adorableness. So far she’s tried to kill me with a racquetball, ripped the roof off her playtent, and consented to cavort in her Curious George costume.

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